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    Bangaly* wants to give tourists in Dakar, Senegal the oppourtunity to get to know the city with a transport company, that offers sightseeing and accommodation options.


    Cars are Bangaly’s* passion.  He looks back on a ten-year experience as a car mechanic in Senegal, partly in his own garage.

    He came to Germany in 2013 and since then he gained new experiences both on his journey here and on the spot. Through his work as a salesman, he practiced dealing with customers and improved his German language skills. However, Bangaly does not see a perspective for his life in Germany and decided to restart his back in Senegal.

    He joined the StartHope@Home program in Munich in March 2019 and deepened his knowledge in marketing & advertising, markets & customers, calculation & financing, product development, start-up planning and communication. Based on his experience and passion for cars, Bangaly developed his idea for a passenger transport company in Dakar that sets itself apart from the many existing taxi companies in the city.

    With the help of his experience in customer service and his German language skills, he wants to specifically target German tourists and offer day trips to the main sights in and around Dakar. To tailor his offer perfectly to the needs of the target group, he will first test different routes on site and then reduce his selection to a couple of suitable trips. He also wants to try out special services, such as lunch packets or cultural tours, and cooperating with hostels and AirBnB accommodations, that are very popular in Senegal.

    Since much of the information is not available from Germany, Bangaly will apply what he has learned locally and adapt his business model to the conditions in Senegal. In the remaining time before founding his business, Bangaly trys to acquire seed capital for his new-start.

    We are very excited about the evolvement of Bangaly's plans and wish him all the best!

    Social Impact Lab Munich, 14.08.2019

    *Name was changed at the request of participant

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